South Jersey Group Transportation Vans

South Jersey Group Transportation Vans

For 55 years, Rapid Rover has been the longest running PHL shuttle service. They serve as the best group transportation providers in the region, and the best alternative for competing app based drivers and other costly care services. Re-purposed and re-imagined from the now defunct Audubon Taxi Co, Rapid Rover has been the main name in South Jersey group transportation vans.

“Whos driving?” has been a long running quip amongst friends and family groups. The burden of transportation can get in the way of a good time on a nights outing, because theres so many things to take into account: how much gas, where to park, designating a driver- Why not let someone else take the wheel?

The vans used by Rapid Rover are given the utmost care a Metro Service center located in Audubon. Our qualified mechanics service our vehicles to keep everything running smoothly, passing the savings onto you. We used a professional dispatch team to carefully monitor all the action in traffic and weather condition tracking. All drivers are given a thorough background check, are CDL- licensed and must pass a DoT physical exam before geting behind the wheel.

The company proudly gives over 250,000 travelers the best experience in our cozy vans, making it the top choice for South Jersey group transportation vans.

Contact us today or use this online form to ask us about our rates and availability, and take one less concern from next your group outing.